Nail Services


We are not gender bias when scheduling your Nail Services. Appointments are based on your nail length as well as products, technique, finishing touches, time and Associate Level.

If you choose to book with an Associate In Training, appointment times are extended so please only book if you are very flexible with your schedule.

Please book a Complimentary Consultation OR Call 215.755.6500 and Leave a Voicemail if you are looking for clarification and guidance for your nail needs.

Some Nail Services may require leaving a Non-Refundable Deposit which will be applied to your scheduled appointment. 

Natural Nail

We have a small curated collection of nail polishes or you can choose a high shine buff to be added to your Natural Nail Services for an additional cost of $5.

You may bring your own polish and receive 15% Off Any Retail purchase. (*This discount must be used on the day of your appointment)

Signature Manicure…..$30+

Ever wonder why your polish peels, or why you may have skin sensitivities from manicures in the past? Our educated staff can help you understand the why’s and help you to avoid such problems in the future. This service is finished with an gentle exfoliating scrub, nourishing oil, hand massage and hot towel.

Signature Pedicure

Our pipeless pedicure bowls, plus single use liners will allow you to safely relax during your service. After complete maintenance of nail shaping, cuticle care and callus removal, enjoy a deep exfoliating scrub and moisturizing massage.

  • Senior Associate....$60+

  • Associate.....$43+

  • Associate In Training.....$30+

A few reminders:

  1. Our Pedicure massage is intended to be from knee to toe. Please wear appropriate attire.

  2. Do Not Shave 24 Hours prior to your Pedicure service.

  3. It would be appreciated if you could bring your own flip flops. We will provide disposable pedi flip flops, but we strive to have as little waste as possible.

The Gel Bottle Inc. Products

All of our Gel Services are exclusively performed with The Gel Bottle inc. products. These gel polishes are rich, highly pigmented, chip resistant and offer extreme long lasting shine. It is also vegan, cruelty free and 10-Free. This unique, one of a kind system created by a Nail Technician (Daisy Kalnina) is ideal for everyone, as it is customizable to suit every guest.

Every Day Gel

A Soft Gel which can be soaked off, if necessary.

  • Senior Associate.....$53

  • Associate.....$40

  • Associate In Training…..$27

Wanna Be Extra?

A Hard Gel which cannot be soaked off. This service is for extensive length or extreme shaping.

Gel Pot with Extensions

  • Senior Associate.....starts at $95+

  • Associate…..starts at $80+

  • Associate In Training…..starts at $45+

Gel Pot Refill

  • Senior Associate…..$63+

  • Associate…..$50+

  • Associate In Training…..$35+